What Is Poetry ?

What Is Poetry ?

Answer :- 

Poetry is basically a kind of feeling. The poet expresses that feeling through language and words. There are various variations of this publication. Such as analogy, allegory, imagery, allegory, allusion etc. At the same time, there is the skill of using proper words. 

The more fluent he is in these aspects of poetry, the better he is. Borhan Mahmud’s poems match the identity of that fluent skill. In particular, the poetic expression of his feelings takes the reader to a different world of feelings. In that world dreams and reality play together. 

When the truth of the soul is added in addition to the full expression of the poem, the poem becomes great. It is better to leave it to the reader to judge the extent of the importance of the poet in this book. Because, the reader is the determinant of quality judgment.

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