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What is Dua?
Du’a plays a vital role in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad وسلم عليه الله صلى said: “Du’a is worship”.
This hadith puts the act of supplicating on a pedestal. And since the blessed month of Ramadan has the greatest night of the year; Laylatul Qadr (which one needs to search in the last ten nights of the month) which is equivalent to 83 years and 4 months, it’s better to prepare for the big night by not missing
on anything that we want and need. Du’as from the Qur’an and Sunnah definitely guide us and help us ask Allah, like one scholar mentions, du’as from the Quran are those that have worked before as a key to a lock so it’s better to try this key before trying any other. But one thing that’s often forgotten about du’a is that it is direct communication with Allah, where you pour your heart out asking everything that you need.

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The Ultimate Ramadan Dua list pdf free | most popular ramadan dua book. My ramadan guide 2022 Daily dhikr PDF Ramadan 30 dua  99 selected Duas pdf
The Ultimate Ramadan Dua List


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Why a Du’a List?
Have you ever felt an overwhelming feeling when you sit down to make du’as and feel like, where do I begin with? Should I start with myself, my family, my
children, that uncle of mine who is battling cancer or the ummah that’s bleeding every day? This confusion makes us distracted and as we know, du’a cannot be done in a distracted manner, as the Prophet (SAWS) said in a hadith narrated by Abu Huraira (RA): “Make du’a and be assured of being answered, and know that Allah does not answer a du’a from a careless heart which is not concentrating”. (Tirmidhi).
Have you noticed how making a list of things and chores allows us to focus on doing them completely instead of doing everything altogether and ending up
not doing anything at all? 
Similarly, by making a du’a list of all our wishes and desires, aims and goals, we
will not forget to ask Allah. One could repeat this again and again, consistently. It shows how eager we are to get them answered and fulfilled.
There is no doubt that sincere du’as created by yourself, taking into account your personal situation are the most meaningful. However, perhaps there are also many du’as that are just as important to you but for various reasons you are not able to put them together. Perhaps you lack the time, the ability to
word them concisely or just simply don’t have the energy left to mentally think of each du’a because you are too lost or tired.
This Ramadan is different for sure. With social distancing being the new norm, we are going to be missing praying in the masjids, those elaborate iftar parties, Eid shopping and so on. Let’s make use of the extra time this lockdown seems to have given us and invest them into preparing for a better Ramadan in terms of du’as, especially for the 10 nights.
And so, here is the ‘The Ultimate Ramadan du’a List’. It is more so an idea, an inspiration for those that want to ask a lot but usually forget or don’t know
where to begin with. This is a compilation of various du’a lists that I have either come across myself or have had shared with me. Having a comprehensive list will improve your productivity and ensure that you do not forget any du’a. This list has been categorised so you can easily prioritize and allocate sections for certain times if needed.
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