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Book: A Gift For Ramadan
Author: Shaykh Abdur Raheem (Hafijahullah)
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A Gift For Ramadan

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 A Gift For Ramadan PDF | The Gift For Ramadan

Assalamu Alaikum Orahmatullah, Welcome To The Gift For Ramadan Article & Books, Today I am going to introduce with a most popular book Gift For Ramadan PDF Download Free eBook. If You Want To Download A Gift For Ramadan PDF? Than Please Read first the introduction of A gift for ramadan.

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Introduction Of A Gift For Ramadan PDF

The Greatness of Ramadhan
Allah ~ has introduced the month or Ramadhan in the Holy Quran with the following verse: “The month of Ramadhan is the month in which Quran was
revealed as a gUidance for mankind, whose verses of gUidance are absolutely clear, and a criterion. So whoever among you witnesses this month, should fast in it. While those who are ill or on a journey
should make up for the same number of days at another time. Allah wants ease for you and does not want hardship for you. You should complete the period and then glorify Allah that he guided you. And
you will perhaps show gratitude to him.” (Al-Baqarah 2:185)
The verse indicates towards the greatness of this month by saying that the greatest of all divine scriptures, the glorious Quran, was revealed in this blessed month.
This revelation is of two types.
1) Revelation from Lawhe Mahfooz to the earthly heaven took place in this month in the night of power.
2) The beginning of revelation upon the heart of the Prophet ~. The first five verses of Surah Iqra were revealed in the cave of Hira, in Laylatul Qadr, in this month.
Quran came like a heavy rainfall in a hot climate with extreme drought. The world was dry, filled with Kufr, Shirk and disobedience. The Quran came like a heavy rainfall which cools everything down and breathes life into dry lands. It had everything

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that was needed; guidance, clear proofs, the power to distinguish between truth and false. It breathed life into dead souls.
Since this month holds great virtues, people should fast in it. This fasting is, only from dawn till dusk, and only for one month. We can eat and drink freely for eleven months, but we should bring our
desires under control for just one month. There is flexibility for the sick and the travellers. This is because Allah ~ is extremely kind and merciful. He does not like putting his creation in difficulties so
he granted flexibility. Allah wants us to complete this period and be grateful to him for guiding us towards that which benefits us.
People should be grateful and keep fasts properly. We see that in this day and age people miss fasts or break them for silly excuses. There is an environment of godlessness out there. No wonder we suffer from individual misfortunes and collective problems around the world. May Allah ~ guide us.
Some people say summer fasts are too long. However, they fail to realise that the extra effort will bring extra reward and on top of that, the pleasure of Allah ~, which is our aim.
Rasulullah :I would sometimes fast while travelling through the dessert, enduring the heat and thirst. Sahabah ~ loved fasting in the hot summer days. There literally felt lazzat in the hardship.
That is the inner pleasure, the pleasure of the soul and mind, which we so much crave for.
Our salaf used to love it also. Maulana Arshad Madani Saheb mentioned that his father Hadhrat Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madani rahmatullahi Alayhi would be fasting in the hot summer days. He
would be reciting the Quran to someone after Asr Salah. His tongue would get stuck and he would struggle to continue. He would get up and go to the Wudhu area, pour two jugs of water over his head and come back and continue reading. There was no air conditioning nor any fans in those days.
This book which you have in your hands was written with the intention to make masaa’il of Sawm easy for everyone. We compiled 40 Hadiths at the beginning, in order to give some encouragement to the readers. Maybe if one person observes fasts properly, this can be a source of salvation for myself and for all our
Tafseer Raheemi team. This has been a collective effort rather than an individual one.
I am indebted to Allah ‘1m for giving me the tawfeeq and then to the authors of the books I benefited from, mainly ‘Tuhfae Ramadhan’ by Mufti Salman Mansurpoori. I should also mention and thank my
dearest Mufti Zaid Mehtar who was the main driving force behind it. And then our Tafseer Raheemi manager Ahmed Bhula. 
Also Yahya Batha, Esa Bhai and the rest of the team.
May Allah ~ reward each and everyone of them with the best of rewards in Dunya and Aakhirat. Ameen.
(Shaykh) Abdul Raheem (hafizahullah)
9 Sha’ban 1437 /16 May 2016

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